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Online UKMail (DSA) Processing

•••••>> BETA RELEASE <<•••••

Our online UKMail system is now released for customer BETA testing.

  1. Run Access 1400/70: Start here for initial processing (OCR & Mailmark).
  2. Generate Barcodes: Generation of 2D barcodes (strings & images).
  3. Manage eManifest: Upload to UKMail eManifest Portal.

Processing data for the UKMail Downstream Access mailing services is essentially the same as for the standard Royal Mail discount services, just with some minor differences.

Our system produces all the usual Mailsort data files and reports plus files for "item level" and "container level" data as required by UKMail.

UKMail Accredited Mailmark Service

This service features production of full 2D Mailmark barcode text strings and automated upload to the UKMail Mailmark eManifest portal. Optional extras are production of Mailmark barcode image files and/or PDF labels for direct printing.

Welcome to Mailsort Online.

It looks like you are viewing our website on a phone or tablet.

Our website is a data-processing service where you can process a mailing list to take advantage of the huge discounts offered by the Royal Mail in connection with the sorted mail schemes they offer, such as Business Mail, Advertising Mail & Publishing Mail (High Sort/Low Sort/Mailmark).

Mailsort Online is a very cost-effective and easy way of getting your data sorted for these services, but you will need to return to the website on a PC or a Mac in stead.

Kind regards
Mailsort Online

(to find us again, just google: "Mailsort Online" or go straight to www.mailsortonline.com).